Video sharing on Korean culture 1


What is the real meaning of “Oppa”? Is it just the “Big Brother”? Welcome to enjoy the video series of Korean Culture produced by the BSS-AS students!




睇韓劇成日聽到oppa😍,原來叫oppa 有咁大學問!可以連結到韓國男尊女卑既gender inequality!🤔


「你不知道的韓國冷知識!」短片系列第一彈!亞研同學策劃、亞洲語言文化中心支持。好睇之餘又學到野!😁👍睇韓劇成日聽到oppa😍,原來叫oppa 有咁大學問!可以連結到韓國男尊女卑既gender inequality!🤔#oppa#genderinequality#koreaculture#asianstudies#socialscience

Posted by BSS Asian Studies HSUHK – 香港恒生大學 社會科學系 亞洲研究 on Sunday, 27 September 2020