Fragrance of Reading (HSUHK Library Book Exhibition)


Exhibition of Selected Books and Publications from the School of Humanities and Social Science 人文社會科學學院著作書籍選輯展覽


The exhibition will showcase a collection of books and publications including, but not limited to gender study in Chinese women, philosophical study in emotions, and practical English usage, by the academic staff from the School of Humanities and Social Science in recent years.


Publications from the SSC Department staff are:

  • Hung, E.P.W. and Ngo, T.W. (Eds). (2020). Shadow Economies along the New Silk Roads. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  • 李祖喬(譯)(2020)。《民現:在後佔領時代思考城市民主》。香港:手民出版社。(Pang, L. K. (2020). The Appearing Demos: Hong Kong During and After the Umbrella Movement. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press)
  • 陳洲(2020)。《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N5 88個合格關鍵技巧》。香港:萬里機構
  • 陳洲(2020)。《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N4 88個合格關鍵技巧》香港:萬里機構。
  • 潘啟聰(2020)。《東亞地區佛教心理學發展探析》。香港:香港中文大學人間佛教研究中心。


Exhibition Venue: G/F, S H Ho Academic Building (Block A), HSUHK Library
Date: 22/9/2020 – 16/10/2020
For opening hours, please refer to
Exhibition information: