MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between Ueda College of Fashion and Department of Social Science

Ueda College of Fashion and the Department of Social Science have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at utilizing each other’s assets to improve the academic achievement and personal progress of the faculties and the students. We look forward to reporting on the successes of our joint endeavors and sharing the milestones we achieve together.

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SSC Newsletter No.14 (11/2023)

Dear Colleagues, Alumni and Students,

The latest issue of SSC newsletter is released! The theme of the issue is “Alumni Stories”. Some alumni shared their stories after graduation with us! Moreover, there is a lot of exciting news about the academic achievements, students’ activities, and new faulty members in the department. Don’t miss it!

Thank you for your great support and…

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大灣區創未來.青年創新創業惠州體驗之旅 Huizhou Study Tour

From a multi-dimensional investigation and experience of Huizhou’s history, economy, innovative technology, art, and culture, etc., the students have deepened their understanding of the the Greater Bay Area, strengthened their sense of identity with the motherland, and built a platform for Hong Kong youth to live and develop in the Mainland China.  It also aimed to assist young people to…

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