Experiential Learning

Corporate Visit

Our programmes integrate cultural knowledge and business by providing corporate visit opportunities to students. Students deepen their understanding of the structure and working culture of specific industries through explanation and sharing sessions during the visit. Corporate visit also inspires students to plan their career path.


Module-integrated Service Learning

ASI1002 Individual and Society – Service-learning Project
PPE2001 Social and Political Philosophy – Visit of Subdivided Housing Units 

Through participating in Service-Learning activities, our students apply their academic knowledge to initiate original creative projects that apply academic knowledge to address community needs. Students’ interaction with different community sectors improves their understanding of the theories they absorb in class.

Cultural Exposure

Our lecturers organize site visits and activities related to cultural knowledge delivered in the classroom. Gaining and reflecting on these first-hand experiences, students develop a familiarity or understanding of rituals, norms, and values of different cultures.

ASI3006 Cultural Tourism in Asia – Visiting Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Social Engagement Team

Social Engagement Project

Apart from learning in class, our students are encouraged to contribute to the community by engaging in activities involving different community sectors. In contributing, students develop leadership and accumulate experience in event organisation.