SSC Research Seminar: Migration Trajectories of Hong Kong Returnee Parents

Migration Trajectories of Hong Kong Returnee Parents 

Speaker: Dr Lucille Lok-Sun NGAN (Associate Professor, Department of Social Science)
Date: 28 January 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 2:00 p.m. (1 ECA / 1 iGPS)
Mode: Zoom
Medium: English
Circular migration is widely recognized in the transnational migration literature as a defining feature of Hong Kong emigrants of the 1980s-90s migration wave. Recently, there has been an emerging trend of returnees – who came back to Hong Kong after completing their tertiary degrees – migrating back to those Western countries in which they were previously settled. While a significant body of research has examined the migration processes of their parents’ generation, very few researchers have paid attention to that of the younger generation. Drawing on in-depth interviews with returnee parents, the talk will examine the considerations and motivations that have shaped their plans to relocate their families back to the west.
Lucille’s research focuses on migration, families, gender and the Chinese diaspora. She has examined issues related to multi-generational ethnicity among Australian- born Chinese, fatherhood among returnees in Hong Kong, cross-border students in Hong Kong and social inequalities in East Asia. She is currently researching the migration trajectories and strategies of transnational families and expatriates in Hong Kong. Her publications include The Chinese Face in Australia: Multi-generational Ethnicity Among Australian-born Chinese and her papers have appeared in Mobilities, Gender, Place and Culture and Children and Youth Services Review, among others.
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