BSS (Hons) in Asian Studies

Aim of the BSS-AS Programme

The 21st century is an Asian century.  The economic miracles of Asia in recent years have brought about significant changes that have attained world recognition. The influence of this region is not only the result of its boosting economic status and close international ties, but also their diverse cultural traditions and history.

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian Studies programme aims to give students a solid understanding of Asia’s transformation and its associated complexities by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. Students will have the opportunity to examine Asia’s metamorphosis in social, political, economic, cultural and historical perspectives. This approach will help cultivate students’ critical thinking and communication skills.  Besides allowing students to comprehend the miracles of Asia, the programme also helps students to appreciate and respect cultural diversity at the same time.

Objectives of the Programme

The Programme Objectives are to:

  • encourage students to think independently and creatively, and to become autonomous learners for life-long learning;
  • cultivate students’ interpersonal and communication skills in preparation for them to take up leading roles in their careers;
  • instil students a strong sense of social responsibility and high commitment to be upright citizens and appreciate cultural diversity in multi-cultural contexts;
  • provide students with a solid foundation of the theoretical and practical knowledge required in the area of social sciences in Asian contexts;
  • enhance students’ global and Asian awareness through comparing similarities and differences among countries inside and outside Asia;
  • nurture students’ analytical skills through exploring various contemporary problems and consolidating their knowledge of Asian societies; and
  • hone students’ critical research and problem solving skills to devise innovative solutions in intellectual and professional Asian contexts.

Programme Structure

The Programme is designed as a four-year programme of study. Students are required to study at least 120 credits (40 modules) over four years. (39 modules will be the minimum number of modules required for students who choose to take ASI4900 Senior Thesis) Each module will consist of 3 credits, except ASI4900 Senior Thesis which consists of 6 credits.

Across the four years of studies, students are expected to complete a range of core and elective modules in each of the four study areas, namely Major Studies (Asian Studies), Common Core Curriculum, Business Education, and Free Electives.

Employment Pathways

Social Service

Project or Programme Assistants in social enterprises, community organisations, international or regional NGOs


Research Assistants in think tanks; Project Officers in political parties


Civil Servants, Administrative Assistants of schools or companies


Teaching Assistants or Teachers at primary or secondary schools after obtaining the Postgraduate Diploma in Education


Promotion Executives in cultural and tourism industries


Management Trainees in multinational corporations


Degree Award Requirement

To be eligible for the award of the BSS-AS Degree, students should have:

  • completed and obtained a Grade D or above on at least 120 credits (^40 modules), including all core modules;
  • obtained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0;
  • fulfilled the language competency exit requirement (IELTS: a score of 6.0 or above; Putonghua Proficiency Test: Band 3B or above);
  • passed the Information Technology Proficiency Test
  • fulfilled the requirements of Community Services (20 hours), Extra-curricular Activities (10 hours) and Physical Activities (10 hours), within the course of the Programme; and
  • fulfilled the overseas learning experience requirement.

^ 39 modules if students choose to take ASI4900 Senior Thesis, which consists of 6 credits


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BSS-AS programme is at QF level 5
The QR Registration number: 18/000849/L5
Registration Validity Period: 08/11/20 To 31/08/2023