CHAN Hin Yeung, Rami 陳顯揚博士

BSS (First Class Honours) (CityU)
PhD (Lingnan)

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science
Director, Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures
Associate Director, Centre for Greater China Studies

Tel : (852) 3963 5251
Email :
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4543-7532

Dr. Rami Chan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Science at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK). Prior to joining the Department in 2013, he pursued his PhD in Political Science at the Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

His research interest is mainly on the politics of crisis management with special focus on the state-society interactions and the crisis-induced policymaking. He also received funding from public and private sectors for projects related to policy capacity, migration politics and urban development such as conducting public policy research on expatiates’ and overseas returnees’ migration plans under the social incidents in Hong Kong and historical research on transportation and infrastructures.

Rami served the Council of Hong Kong Political Science Association (2016-20) in which he was also the coordinator for the HKPSA Annual Conference 2017 and the Vice-President of HKPSA (2018-20). He is currently the Vice-President of the Tea Education Association of Hong Kong and the ExCo Member of the Hong Kong Curling Federation, China.

Research Interests

The Politics of Crisis Management; Crisis Communication; Urban and Migration Studies; Politics and Public Policy in Hong Kong

Courses Taught

  • ASI4001 Disaster and Crisis Management in Asia
  • ASI4102 Special Topics in Asian Studies II
  • GEN1002 Public Policy and Administration in Hong Kong
  • GEN2001 Hong Kong Society
  • PRG6102 Governing Risk in Public Sector
  • PRG6104 Workshop on Policy and Risk Simulation


  • Dec 2022 – Aug 2023. Principal-Investigator. Research Project on Western Harbour Tunnel and its Contribution to the Development of the Society of Hong Kong funded by Western Harbour Tunnel Co. Ltd. Award: HKD $470,000.
  • Apr 2020 – Oct 2020. Co-Investigator. Policy Capacity for Crisis Management in Hong Kong. Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme (Special Round) (SR2020.A7.011), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Award: HKD$494,000.
  • Mar 2020 – Sep 2020. Principal-Investigator. Expatriates and Overseas Returnees’ Perceptions and Reactions towards Recent Social Incidents in Hong Kong and Their Migratory Plans. Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme (Special Round) (SR2020.B12.005), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Award: HKD$234,000.
  • Jan 2020 – Dec 2022. Project Coordinator. Establishing the Centre for Asian Languages and Cultures (CALC) at HSUHK. Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (05/QESS/2019), Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund, Education Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Award: HKD$1,890,000.
  • Jul 2017 – Jul 2018. Principal-Investigator. History of Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Research Project” funded by Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Co. Ltd. Award: HKD $300,000.


  • 2010 – 2013. Full Postgraduate Studentship (PhD). Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

Selected Publications

Selected Journal Articles

  • Ngan, Lucille L. S.*, Chan, Anita K. W., Chan, Rami H. Y., and Siu, Queenie K. Y. (2023). The Impact of a Transnational Background on Family Migration Considerations Amid Political Uncertainty: Second-Generation Returnees in Hong Kong. China Review, 23(3), 217-243. (SSCI)
  • Chan, Jason K. H. and Chan, Rami H. Y.* (2020). Learn to Disobey: Evolution of “Civil Disobedience” and the Transforming Sociopolitical Context of Hong Kong. Asian Politics and Policy, 12(4), 516-538. (ESCI)
  • Liu, Yihong and Chan, Rami H. Y.* (2018). The Framework of Crisis-Induced Agenda Setting in China. Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, 5(1), 18-33. (SSCI)
  • Chan, Rami H. Y.* (2016). How Crisis Matters: The Crisis Provoking Politics and State-Society Interaction in Post-1997 Hong Kong. China: An International Journal, 14(4), 22-45.  (SSCI)
  • Chan, Rami H. Y.* (2013). Crisis Politics in Authoritarian Regimes: How Crises Catalyse Changes under the State-Society Interactive Framework. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 21(4), 200-210. (SSCI)

*corresponding author

Books and Monographs

  • 陳顯揚、潘啟聰、歐陽晧江(合編)(2018)。《大隧同源:大老山隧道與瀝源發展歷程》。香港:中華書局。


    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2023, Jun. 27-29). “One Country, Three Systems”: Covid Restrictions and Policies in China and its Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao. Paper presented at 6th International Conference on Public Policy, Toronto, Canada.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y., Ngan, Lucille L. S. and Chiu, Eunice Y. Y. (2022, Dec. 5). Panic Search as a Simulation of Migration: An Analysis of Keyword Searches on Migration Information Triggered by Political and Health Crises in Hong Kong since 2019. Paper presented at International Workshop on In search of greener pastures? Migration discourses, drivers and dynamics in the new Hong Kong exodus, Online.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2019, Oct. 3-5). Did Macau Government Learn a Lesson? The Crisis Management of Typhoon Hato and Typhoon Mangkhut. Paper presented at 6th International Crisis Communication Conference, Leeds, U. K.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2019, Jun. 26-28). Crisis-Induced Policymaking in China: Ambiguity, Public Policy and Crisis Management. Paper presented at 4th International Conference on Public Policy, Montreal, Canada.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2018, Jul. 21-15). Crisis Communication and Politics in China. Paper presented at the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Brisbane, Australia.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2016, Sep. 26-28). Interpreting Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: Pro-Government Perspectives. Paper  presented at Australian Political Studies Association Conference, Sydney, Australia.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2016, Apr. 7-10). Has the Media Been Out of Focus?: An Alternative Perspective on the Anti-High Speed Railway Movement in Hong Kong. Paper presented at The 74th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, USA.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y.(2014, Dec. 1-3). Crisis Politics of the SARS Epidemic: A Comparative Study of Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Paper presented at New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
    • Chan, Rami H. Y. (2014, Apr. 9-11). The Three-Tier Regulation on Private High Education Sector: Experiences in Hong Kong. Paper presented at International Research Society for Public Management Conference, Ottawa, Canada.