CHAN Wing Ho, Michael

Dr CHAN Wing Ho, Michael 陳永浩博士

MPhil (HKU)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Science

Tel : (852) 3963 5537
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    Dr Michael Chan received his BA, MPhil and PhD degrees from The University of Hong Kong in 1998, 2001 and 2008 respectively. His research interests include: Cultural Tourism and Heritage Management; Hong Kong Urban Studies; Web 3.0; New Media and Social Networking. Before joining the Department, Michael taught courses in Cultural Tourism and General Studies at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK and HKUST College of Life Long Learning.

    Michael is currently the member of Advisory and Technical Committee, Advisory Board of Social Science and Humanities Research Association (SSHRA); Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM); Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch (RASHKB) and The Association for Geo-conservation, Hong Kong (AGHK). He is also working as part-time Lecturer at the Department of Geography, HKU. For community service, Michael is serving as the Research Officer in the Centre for Life and Ethics Studies, The Society for Truth and Light, and the member of Hong Kong Gambling Watch.

  • Research Interests

    • Hong Kong Urban Development
    • Cultural Tourism and Management
    • Cultural Heritage Conservation
    • Applied Ethics
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

    • Kin-Kit Li, Chan, Wing Ho Michael, Shui Shan Lee and Kin On Kwok (2019) The mediating roles of social benefits and social influence on the relationships between collectivism, power distance, and influenza vaccination among Hong Kong nurses: A cross-sectional study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. (In Press, available online 21 May 2019) Journal Cite Score: 4.32, Impact Factor: 3.5
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Chiu, K. (2017) “Survey of Hong Kong Christians’ attitude on Marriage (香港基督信徒婚姻態度調查).” International Journal of Sino & Western Studies (國學與西學國際學刊). No. 12, June 2017, pp. 35-47.
    • Jim, C.Y. and Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2016) “Urban greenspace delivery in Hong Kong: Spatial-institutional limitations and solutions.” Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 18: 65–85. (SJR Q1 list journal, Journal H Index=40)

    Book Chapters

    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Chiu, K. (2018) “Working paper on the Interviews to Hong Kong baby-boomers on the Verge of death (香港嬰兒潮出生者對臨終的看法:研究工作報告).” In Ng, L. (ed.) Treasuring Life, Knowing Death (惜生知死). Hong Kong: The Society for Truth and Light, pp.15-22.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Chiu, K. (2017) “A survey on Hong Kong Students’ Self-esteem Development, their perception on Parenting and Parental Involvement (子女對父與母參與的觀感及自尊感的關係——香港中小學生調查).” In Ng, L. (ed.) Parenting and Children’s Self-esteem and Spiritual Development (代代失傳?父母對子女身心靈的影響). Hong Kong: The Society for Truth and Light, pp.10-37.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Chiu, K. (2016) “Hong Kong people’s attitude on Marriage (香港人婚姻態度研究).” In Ng, L. (ed.) Hong Kong people’s attitude Marriage in 21st Century context (婚姻大事:廿一世紀香港人的婚姻觀). Hong Kong: The Society for Truth and Light, pp.29-67.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2015) “Issues on Hong Kong Gambling Problem (賭博問題的一些思考).” In: Ng, L., and Law, Y. T (eds.) Living out Social theology in Hong Kong (城造在香港—活出社關神學) Hong Kong: China Alliance Press & Christian Publishing, pp. 134-144.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2015) “Do we need to weep on singing the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China? (唱國歌,的確很感動流淚?)” In: Ip Iam-chong and Chan King-fai (eds.) Boycott Classes, Continue Learning: A review on the concepts and thoughts for the Umbrella Movement (罷課不罷學:雨傘運動前夕的理論和思想大檢閱). Hong Kong: Step Forward Multi Media, pp.345-355.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Chiu, K. (2015) “Survey of Hong Kong people’s attitude on property market development (香港人的置業行為與態度).” In: Ng, L. (ed.) Hong Kong and the Land: Property, Faith and Life Planning (港土港地:產業、信仰、生涯規劃). Hong Kong: The Society for Truth and Light, pp 12-40.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2012) “The Importance of Gambling Issue in Hong Kong (絕對要「小題勁做」的香港賭博問題).” In: Kwan, K. M. and Choi, C. S. (eds.) Religious Right in Hong Kong? A discussion on Christian and Social Values in Hong Kong (基督教與現代社會的爭論:道德、政治與宗教右派). Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing, pp. 383-391.


    • 陳永浩、吳慧華(2013):《生命倫理錦囊》,香港:明光社生命及倫理研究中心、宣道出版社。
    • 陳永浩、吳慧華、招雋寧(2011):《80傳說:如何牧養通識新一代的信徒》,香港:明光社生命及倫理研究中心。
    • 陳永浩、吳慧華、招雋寧(2010):《香港基督徒成癮問題研究報告》,香港:明光社生命及倫理研究中心。
    • 陳永浩、吳慧華、招雋寧(2010):《若沉遇溺:基督徒與成癮行為》香港:明光社生命及倫理研究中心。

    Newspaper Articles

    • 〈潮起潮落——認識青少年潮語文化〉廉政公署《拓思》德育期刊第85期(邀稿,已提交,待印中)
    • 〈家庭、工作、教會、其實……〉華福中心《教牧分享》雙月刊 第218期,2018年3月號,16-17頁。(ISSN 1001-2995)
    • 〈「擁護」基本法 誰說了算?〉《明報》2018年1月29日
    • 〈花崗岩的啟示〉《明報》2017年11月21日
    • 〈誰是《國歌法》犯法第一人?〉《明報》 2017年7月3日
    • 「專業地失德」正是香港死因〉《星島日報》2017年4月26日
    • 〈由支那到「被日本」〉《星島日報》2016年10月25日
    • 〈棕地爭議和土地問題〉《明報》 2016年10月14日
    • 〈由「蛇齋餅糭」看香港家庭價值與觀念〉《星島日報》2016年9月20日
    • 〈沒有內地旅客就不行?〉《星島日報》2015年11月8日
    • 〈噓國歌應怎樣處理?〉《星島日報》 2015年10月7日
    • 〈敬問盧寵茂教授〉《明報》 2015年10月5日
    • 〈發展帶來「縉紳化」爭議〉《星島日報》2014年7月3日
    • 〈朋友 學生 警察〉《星島日報》2014年7月26日
    • 〈愛國於世界另一端〉《星島日報》恒管語絲,2014年9月29日
    • 〈港人也拖篋?〉《星島日報》2015年3月24日
  • Presentations (Selected)

    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael and Cheung, Pui-sze (2019) “Farming to learn: An innovative teaching project for Nature deficit disorder (NDD) students in Hong Kong”. The Asian Conference on Education & International Development (ACEID 2019), Tokyo, Japan, March 25-27, 2019.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael, Chiu, C. N. Kace (2018) “Apposite Parenting and Children’s Self-esteem: A survey on Hong Kong students.” Asian Family Summit: Sustainable Development & Family Well-Being: Agenda for Action in Asia, Hong Kong, August 19-22, 2018.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael(2018) “Acropolis in Danger? Impact assessment of high-rise developments around the Guia Fortress, the World Heritage of Centro Histórico de Macau.” The Athens-International Conference on Research in Social Science and Humanities (ICRSSH), Athens, Greece,16-17 July, 2018.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael, Cheung, Pui-sze and Lam, Anselm (2018) “Farming in College: A integrated learning programme for Nature and Culture.” The 5th Carmel International Symposium – Humanities and Nature: Conflict and Integration of World Views, The Baptist University of Hong Kong, July 5-6, 2018. (陳永浩、張佩思、林榮鈞:〈校園有生機:從耕種認識人文、自然、生死、倫理〉,第五屆迦密山國際學術論壇)。
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2018) “Is ‘Hong Kong is not China’ a sign of Independence? An examination on Spaces and Identity between HK and China.” The Asian Conference on the Arts and Humanities (ACAH), Kobe, Japan, March 30 – April 1, 2018.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2017) ‘From Cultural Diplomacy to Shopping Spree: A case study on Chinese tourist boom’. IGU Thematic Conference: Geographies for Peace, La Paz, Bolivia, April 23-25, 2017.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2016) ‘Social Justice via Education: “Boycott Classes, Continue Learning” in Umbrella Movement.’ Asian Conference on Education & International Development, Kobe, Japan, April 3-6, 2016.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2016) ‘From Umbrella Movement to Fish-ball Revolution: A case study of “Glocalization” in Hong Kong’. The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies 2016, Barcelona, Spain, July 16-18, 2016.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2015) ‘Understanding the Umbrella Movement: An Urban Morphological approach.’ IGU Regional Conference, August 17-21, 2015, Moscow, Russia,.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2015) ‘The Media in Umbrella Movement: Narratives, Organization, Communication and Action.’ Fifth Asian Conference on Asian Studies, May 28-31, 2015, Kobe, Japan.
    • 陳永浩 (2015)〈香港人置業行為與態度研究發佈〉生命及倫理研究中心及理工大學應用社會科學系(2015):《港土講地:產業、信仰、生涯規劃》2015 週年研討會。香港:理工大學。
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2014) ‘Himeji Castle “Egret’s Eye View”: A case study on incorporating heritage restoration and cultural tourism.’ IGU Regional Conference, 18-22 August 2014, Krakow, Poland.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2014) ‘From Preservation, Revitalization to Reproduction: Assessment on different heritage conservation approaches in China, Hong Kong and Japan.’ Fifth Asian Conference on the Arts and Humanities, April 3-6, 2014, Osaka, Japan.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2013) ‘Preserving an Intangible Cultural Heritage from Tang-China and Nara-Period Japan: Chi Lin Nunnery and Nam Lin Garden in Hong Kong.’ IGU Regional Conference, August 4-9, 2013, Kyoto, Japan.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2013) ‘Narrating Dr. Sun Yat-sen: His Thought, Family and Revolutions in Hong Kong and Macau.’ International Conference on Macau Narratives, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. New University of Lisbon, Fundação Oriente, 8-10 May, 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2012 ) ‘Reciprocity between the Ninth Century and Modern: Chi Lin Nunnery and Nam Lin Garden in Hong Kong.’ 5th International Colloquium on Tourism & Leisure, July 9-12, 2012, Bangkok, Thailand,
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2012) ‘Teaching Cultural Tourism in General Education: A Module for Cultural Heritage Studies.’ General Education and University Curriculum Reform: An International Conference in Hong Kong, June 12-14, 2012, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
    • 陳永浩 (2010)〈香港基督徒成癮問題研究〉,明光社生命及倫理研究中心《若沉遇溺—基督徒成癮問題研討會》,2010年6月4日。
    • Chan, Wing Ho Michael (2009) ‘Is revitalisation the key: Preserving of Hong Kong’s oldest transport facilities.’ 2nd Asian Academy for Heritage Management Conference, December 1-3, 2009, Macau.
  • Funded Projects

    • 2018-19 PI of the Sustainable Development Grant (SDG), The Institute for Youth Sustainability Development (IYSL), HSMC ($95,550).
    • 2018-20 Team member, Integrating Service Learning into Classroom Learning, Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS), Education Bureau, HKSAR Government ($2,027,1675).
    • 2017-18 CO-I of the Green Life Education Programme. Annual Thematic Donation on the theme of “Community Building” / “Life Education”, The Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC) ($88,530).
    • — CO-I of the Exploring Hakka @Evergreen College Program. Sin Wai Kin Chinese Culture Promotion Scheme ($38,100).
    • 2016-17 CO-I of the Organic Farming @Evergreen College Program. Sin Wai Kin Chinese Culture Promotion Scheme ($30,000).
    • 2011-12 PI of the Study on the Attitude on Hong Kong 80/90’s Youth. Mission Matching Fund, Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union. ($41,000).
    • 2009-10 PI of the Study on Hong Kong Christians’ Addictive behaviours and Patterns. Mission Matching Fund, Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union. ($ 51,000).
  • Courses

    GEN1000 Perspectives on General Education
    GEN2007 Cultural Tourism in Asia
    GEN2011 Plant and Civilization
    ASI4005 Environmental Issues and Sustainability in Asia