BA (Hons) in Cultural & Creative Industries

Programme Objectives

The programme objectives are to:

  • Develop students’ creativity, critical thinking, analytical ability and problem-solving skills in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Cultivate students’ interpersonal and communication skills in preparation for future careers.
  • Instill a strong sense of social responsibility and commitment in students to be upright citizens in multi-cultural contexts.
  • Enhance students’ global and local awareness through exploring various contemporary issues and management issues related to different kinds of cultural and creative industries.
  • Provide students with a solid foundation of conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of cultural and creative industries, supplemented with knowledge from humanities, social science and business.
  • Enhance students’ business awareness related to cultural and creative industries.
  • Develop students’ ability to design and/or produce cultural and creative related products, services and businesses with local, Greater China and global perspectives.
  • Apply knowledge and theories to solving problems in cultural and creative industries, addressing social, cultural, technological and professional issues.
  • Incorporate art, culture and business management considerations into cultural and creative activities, events and businesses.
  • Design and/or produce cultural and creative activities, events and businesses with specific skills in management and organisation to serve both the local and international community.

BA-CCI study plan(JPG)

Degree Award Requirement

To be eligible to graduate, a student should have:

  • obtained a Grade D or above on at least 129 credits (43 modules), including all core modules;
  • obtained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0;
  • fulfilled the language competency exit requirement (please refer please refer to the table below);
  • passed the Information Technology Proficiency Test and attend two compulsory workshops (a) Internet Security, (b) Computer Ethics & Copyright (please visit the website of IT Learning Centre for details, website:;
  • fulfilled the requirements of Community Services (20 hours), Extra-curricular Activities (10 hours) and Physical Activities (10 hours), within the course of the Programme.

CCI exit requirment


Please go to this link for the Programme information pamphlet