Message from Programme Director

Welcome everyone to the Asian Studies Programme!

The purpose of the Asian Studies Programme is to broaden students’ perspective on Asia, keep abreast of changes and trends in Asia, and enhance students’ expertise in related fields.

Over the last 20 years, there have been major changes in the political and economic spheres in Asia.

  • In 2019, countries in this region established the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to promote regional economic integration.
  • China’s economy has grown especially rapidly. Presently China and Japan are now the second and third largest economies in the world, respectively.
  • In recent years a trade war has broken out between China and the US, and their intense competition in Asia will have an enormous impact on the future development of the region.

As the world’s center of gravity has shifted to Asia, people and governments around the world have devoted increasing attention to Asian affairs. Asian Studies has become an important field. Governments, businesses, and others aspire to understand the changes and trends in Asia.

Hong Kong has an advantageous geographic position. It is a point of intersection between Eastern and Western cultures, and is an important hub linking China with the rest of Asia. By taking courses in Asian Studies at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, students can enhance their expertise in this field, laying a positive foundation for future study or employment.

The Asian Studies Programme has an outstanding faculty and offers a diverse range of courses which can enhance students’ understanding of Asian affairs and Asian political and economic systems. The Programme also provides language training and opportunities for overseas exchanges and study.

We have great hopes that growing numbers of young people will devote attention to developments in Asia and get involved in Asian Studies!