Dr CHAN Ka Ming

MPhil (HKU)

Lecturer, Department of Social Science

Tel : (852) 3963 5620
Email : kmchan@hsu.edu.hk

Dr. Chan Ka Ming graduated with his Ph.D studies in the research area of Hong Kong Cinema transnational co-production; and his expertise is in Hong Kong Cinema, film studies and popular culture, and animal and ecology humanities. Before joining the Department of Social Science (HSU), he worked as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of CUHK for 5 years; he has initiated, proposed and taught courses on the study of animal and ecology, and on the study of celebrity and Hong Kong popular culture with social science and cultural studies perspective in CUHK. These are pioneer courses in the fields related to ecological humanities, and celebrity and star studies in Hong Kong tertiary education.

Research Interests

Cinema Studies; Popular Culture; Animal and Ecological Humanities; Globalization; and Urban Studies.

Selected Publications

Selected Book / Journal Chapters

  • 《寫在牠們滅絕之前——香港動物文化誌(Writing in the End Times – Cultural Records for Animals)》,香港:突破出版社 (Hong Kong: Breakthrough),2018年。
  •  “Trivisa or Amphetamine? Hong Kong – China Cinema Co-production during the First Ten Years of CEPA”, in the Journal of Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, Dec 2017. (The paper is awarded with “the Best Paper” of Emerald Publication.)
  • 〈「創意」並非必然──以香港電影工作經驗對照創意工業論述 (Hong Kong Cinema Working Experiences and Discourse of Creative Industries)〉收於馬傑偉及周佩霞編 (edited by Eric Ma Kit-wai and Carol Chow Pui-ha) 《跨界華語電影研究專輯 (Special Issue of Transborder Chinese Cinema Studies)》,南京: 南京大學出版社 (Nanjing: Nanjing University Press),即將出版。
  • 〈桃姐打擋台,狂舞派殭屍──香港電影的永劫邊緣,香港身份的驀然回首 (Hong Kong Cinema and Identity in Hong Kong-China Coproduction) 〉收於張少強、梁啟智及陳嘉銘編 (edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming) 《香港・社會・角力 (Hong Kong. Society. Struggle.)》, 香港:匯智出版社 (HK: Infolink Publishing Limited),2017年。
  • 〈亞洲想像:香港亞洲合拍片製作文化 (Asian Imagination: Hong Kong-Asian Coproduction Cinema and Culture of Production)〉收於張少強,梁啟智及陳嘉銘編 (edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming)《香港.城市.想像 (Hong Kong. City. Imagination.)》,香港:匯智出版社 (HK: Infolink Publishing imited),2014年。
  • 〈志明與宗師──在北上與南下之間的香港電影合拍片 (Hong Kong Cinema Coproduction in the Context of Northern and Southern China)〉收於黃慧貞、張歷君、陳澤蕾及高俊傑編 (edited by Angela Wong Wai-ching, Cheung Lik-kwan, Sam Chan Chak-lui and Ko Chun-kit) 《感/觀日常:跨文化研究讀本 (Reading of Trans-Cultural Studies)》,香港:進一步 (HK: Step Forward Multimedia Publishing Limited),2014年。
  • 〈開放與局限:中港合拍影片的過去與今天 (Openness or Limitation? – Hong Kong-China Co-production: Past and Present)〉收於張少強,梁啟智及陳嘉銘編 (edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming) 《香港.論述.傳媒 (Hong Kong. Discourse. Media.)》,香港:牛津大學出版社 (HK: Oxford University Press),2013年。
  • 〈香港電影未死──簡論香港電影專才的跨國滲透與文化互動 (Transnational-Cultural Interaction of Hong Kong Film Talents in the Overseas Context)〉收於黃愛玲編 (edited by Wong Oi-ling) 《回歸十五年:香港電影專輯 (Special Issue in the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Transition)》,《今天 (Today Literary Magazine)》第99期,香港:中文大學出版社 (HK: Chinese University Press),2012年4月。
  • PhD Thesis: Transnational Hong Kong Cinema Co-production – Production Culture, Policy, Film Business, and Individual Practitioners
  • Master Thesis: Social Identity of Postcolonial Hong Kong

Edited Books

  • 《香港・社會・角力 (Hong Kong. Society. Struggle.)》,張少強、梁啟智及陳嘉銘合編 (edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming)。香港:匯智出版社 (HK: Infolink Publishing Limited),2017年。

  • 《香港・城市・想像 (Hong Kong. City. Imagination.)》,張少強、梁啟智及陳嘉銘合編(edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming)。香港:匯智出版社 (HK: Infolink Publishing Limited),2014年。

  • 《香港・論述・傳媒 (Hong Kong. Discourse. Media.)》,張少強、梁啟智及陳嘉銘合編 (edited by Cheung Siu-keung, Leung Kai-chi and Chan Ka-ming)。香港:牛津大學出版社 (HK: Oxford University Press),2013年。

Selected Conference Papers

  • 《快樂的逆襲——想像動物可親,觀照肯亞生態的「其餘現實」(Imagining Animals’ Proximity; Observing the Fact of Kenya Wilderness)》,發表於「2019年文化研究第二十屆年會暨國際研討會——其餘的興起 (The Twentieth Annual International Conference of Cultural Studies Association: The Rise of the Rest; held in Taiwan National Chiao Tung University)」,2019年3月9-10日。

  • 《孔雀開屏!「兵頭花園」的動物政治任命 (The Construction of Colonial Politics with the Uses of Animals in the Hong Kong Botanical Garden )》,發表於「香港文化與社會論壇 2018 (Hong Kong Culture and Society 2018)」,2018年11月3日。

  • “Another S.F.? – Spiritual Formation beyond Chthulucene from the reading of Le Quattro Volte (Michelangelo Frammartino, 2010) to Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (Mo Yan, 2006), in the Anthropocene and Beyond: Towards a Shared Narrativity in Interdisciplinary Research, Shue Yan University, Baptist University and Chinese University of Hong Kong, 29 May-1 June 2018.

  • “Staying with the Trouble in ‘Advertocene’ – Advertising Representation of Animals in the Kenya National Parks and the Hong Kong Ocean Park” in the Environmental Humanities in Asia: Ecological Crisis and Cultural Responses, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and Centre of Cultural Studies. 10-12 April 2018.

  • “Diverging the Tune of the Main Melody – Reconsidering Hong Kong-China Cinema Co-production”, presented in the Re-thinking Chinese Language Film History, Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities, Faculty of Humanities. Hong Kong Education University. 23 March 2018.

  • “The Construction of Zoo and Aquarium in the (Post)colonial Hong Kong”, presented in the Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association, 3 December 2016.

  • “Connecting Lefebvre’s spatial practice – Reconnecting Hong Kong communities in the Umbrella Movement”, presented in the “Critical Theories and Local Societies: How do philosophy, theories and concepts travel?” Conference, 3-4 June 2016. National Chiao Tung University. Taiwan.

  • 《桃姐打擋台,狂舞派殭屍──香港電影的永劫邊緣,香港身份的驀然回首 (Hong Kong Cinema and Identity in Hong Kong-China Coproduction)》,發表於「香港文化與社會論壇2014 (Hong Kong Culture and Society 2014)」,2014年11月1日。


  • GEN1000 Perspectives on General Education
  • ASI3009 Globalization of Korean Popular Culture