Dr. TAI Yuen Hung Jacky

B.A. (CUHK),
M.Phil. (CUHK),
Master (Toulouse),
PhD (Leuven & Paris-Diderot)

Lecturer, Department of Social Science

Tel : (852) 3963 5664
Email : jackytai@hsu.edu.hk

 Mr. Tai has studied philosophy and humanities in Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Belgium and France. He was awarded PhD in philosophy in September 2020 with a dissertation on the phenomenological and political thought of Hannah Arendt and Jan Patočka. He specializes on phenomenology and political philosophy in the European context in 19th and 20th century. Recently, he has been teaching philosophy, literature and cinema. He publishes commentaries on politics and culture frequently in local newspaper and magazines.

Research Interests

Phenomenology; Contemporary French philosophy; Political Philosophy; Intercultural studies

Selected Publications

Selected Journal Articles

  • TAI, Y. H. (2020). An Intercultural Reading of Patočka’s Concept of Sacrifice. Meta: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy, XII(1), June, 209-241.
  • 戴遠雄(2018)。〈危機與重生──從胡塞爾到柏托什卡〉[胡塞爾:從邏輯到歷史]。《現象學與人文科學》,7,189-237。
  • 戴遠雄(譯)(2016)。〈梅洛龐蒂哲學裏的意識和表達—「感性世界與表達的世界」一課未刊筆記的貢獻〉(原作者:聖奧貝爾(Emmanuel de Saint-Aubert))[梅洛龐蒂:以人文科學改造現象學]。《現象學與人文科學》,6,231-269。
  • 戴遠雄(2014)。〈活在感受之中──論亨利.馬勒廸奈的哲學〉。《法蘭西思想評論》,40-58。
  • 戴遠雄(2014)。〈解釋還是挑戰海德格?評賈尼科(Dominique Janicaud)的《海德格在法國》(Heidegger en France)〉。《現象學與人文科學》,5,413–424。

Selected Book Chapters

  •  TAI, Y. H. (2013). Le Moi est tout et n’est rien – lectures croisées de Fichte et de Maldiney. In Flora BASTIANI et Svetlana SHOLOKHOVA (eds.), Rencontrer l’imprévisible: À la croisée des phénoménologies contemporaines (pp.93-100). Argenteuil: Le Cercle Herméneutique Editeur.


  • 2019. Reevaluating the French Political Philosophy in an Intercultural Context. University Research Start-up Fund, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Award: HK$10,000.

Courses Taught

  • GEN2003 Ethics
  • GEN3001 Life and Death