Mr CHAN Chau

BA in Japanese Literature (Aichi Prefectural University)
MA in Chinese Literature (Nagoya)
Official Medical Interpreter of Aichi Prefecture

Lecturer, Department of Social Science
Associate Director, Centre for Asian Language and Cultures

Tel : (852) 3963 5652
Email :

Mr. Chan has a wide range of research interests from Japan that mainly covers three areas of Japanese Literature, Linguistics and Language Education. In terms of time span, he tries to deliver to his students from ancient times through the Heian, medieval, modern, and contemporary eras. In terms of literature, He tries to work from “Manyoushu” all the way to Haruki Murakami (including Chinese literature which has a deep influence on Japanese literature). In terms of linguistics, he tries to make a profound study from ancient Japanese to popular terminology of contemporary times as well as the field of language education, which involves teaching Japanese language to foreigners.

Research Interests

  • Japanese Language
  • Comparative Studies of Chinese and Japanese Literature and Culture, especially:

a. “Kanbun kundoku” (漢文訓読, means “Chinese writing Japanese reading”) , which is a kind of classical Chinese which is grammatically transformed into Japanese word order.
b. “Hakuwa syousetsu” (白話小説), which is a type of novel written in colloquial Chinese during the Ming Qing dynasty and Edo period.


Selected Journal Articles

  • 陳洲著, “『三言』の「怪異」について:その特色・研究史・研究方法を中心に”,『現代與文化:日本福祉大學研究紀要』(124), 日本福祉大學, pp113-126,2011
  • 陳洲著, “『俳諧類船集』から見た和漢の鬼神観 ―謡曲と『聊斎志異』を中心に、「鬼」と「雨の夜」について”,『和漢比較文學研究會論文集』, 台灣大學日本語文學系, pp1-29,2008.

Selected Book Chapters

  • 陳洲, (2007), “王國維”, “元曲・瀟湘雨”, “劉知遠諸宮調”,『「遊心」の祝福-中国文学者・青木正兒の世界-』, 名古屋大學附屬圖書館,15頁,76頁,78頁,2007

Books and Monographs

  • 陳洲著,《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N3  88個合格關鍵技巧》,萬里機構,2021
  • 陳洲著,《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N2  88個合格關鍵技巧》,萬里機構,2021
  • 陳洲著,《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N5  88個合格關鍵技巧》,萬里機構,2020
  • 陳洲著,《日本語能力試驗精讀本:3天學完N4  88個合格關鍵技巧》,萬里機構,2020
  • 陳洲編修,《日本酒 Sake 第5版》,天合環球有限公司,2020
  • 陳洲編修,《日本酒 Sake 第4版》,天合環球有限公司,2019
  • 陳洲編修,《日本酒 Sake 第3版》,天合環球有限公司,2018
  • 陳洲編修,《日本酒 Sake 第2版》,天合環球有限公司,2017
  • 陳洲編修,《日本酒 Sake 第1版》,天合環球有限公司,2016
  • Translated by CHAN Chau,《Tohoku-Japan Promotion 2016》, Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization,2016
  • Translated by CHAN Chau,《Welcome to Tohoku》, Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization,2015
  • 陳洲訳,《東北・新潟特產精選 日本天與海珍饈八十八》,東北活性化研究中心,2013

Other Publications

  • Edited by CHAN CHAU, “Japanese 101” of the HSUHK MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) system, 2007

Selected Presentations

  • 陳洲,“『俳諧類船集』から見た和漢の鬼神観 ―謡曲と『聊斎志異』を中心に、「鬼」と「雨の夜」について”, 和漢比較文学会第2回特別研究発表会@台湾大学, 3-9-2008
  • 陳洲,“『三言』の韻文と散文について―「韻文雑言」と「散文駢化」を中心に”, 平成20阪大学・名古屋大学共同研究交流会@愛知県西尾市岩瀬文庫, 15-11-2008

Courses Taught

  • ASI1101 Japanese I
  • ASI1102 Japanese II
  • ASI1103 Japanese III